Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mr. Nova !!!

On a cold 19th January, the clock ticking 17 minutes past 8pm....saw my eventual welcome into this world of uncertainity, choice  and competetion for existence. my first vision caught the sight of a boy with a bright glowing face who gently took me into his hands. His scrupulous look confirmed that he was my boss. My sleek, stylish and elegant body flattered not only him but also his mates who stood by. soon they all checked me features, photography skills and how loud I could sound. Later on, a smile on their faces justified their saatisfaction:-)

"Mr. Nova"....soon the spectacle boy shouted and thats how I was named. my boss was pretty convinced by the name as were his mates too. Hey, I am not alone though....I have a girl friend, my sweet stout darling "The Audio Booster".( to say...even my boss lacks a girl frined. pity on him. :P:D)

The next day onwards my service started. I soon came to know that my boss was a multi-tasker. He listens to class, takes up the running notes and simultaneously his left fingers dance on my buttons for texting. Whooo!!! hundreds of messages daily, hours together of holy crap calls....what the hell is this ???? But for his praisal, i never lacked energy. I was never down. My boss always fed me...keeping me completely charged. So, no food scarcity at all. Thats what made me a rocking and dynamic slave for my boss. Not to boast about myself, by the end of my first year 24659 messages went out from me and I was on call for 151:47:52 hours. What else should i do?

Well, the month of October 2010 was an epoch-making one in the last one year. A beautiful smiley became a part and parcel of myself. To add to my beauty, he was stuck on my back. The smiley dude brought with him lots of smiles to my boss, his mates and even me. The astonishing point here is that the smiley was a gift from my boss's best ever enemy possible. I wonder, why??

Aw..oow!! someones' calling.
Yes bosss... am coming.
See you guys.
Bbye!! have a good time:)